COVID-19 Antibody Test

SF Screening and Vaccinations is now authorised to carry out private COVID-19 antibody testing. The test is produced by Abbott and has been approved for use by Public Health England. It delivers 100% specificity to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) antibodies and a 97.5% sensitivity rating.

Our testing laboratory is registered and authorised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC); the government regulatory body for health and social care and can carry out all COVID-19 testing legally.

Initial samples obtained by self-collection have been verified by the laboratory as performing within the same performance criteria as those taken by venesection and studies are on-going

International studies are ongoing to provide further guidance on the protection afforded by these antibodies and how long the immunity may last.

How do I use the test?

Our COVID-19 antibody test utilises a finger-prick blood collection sample, which can be posted out as a home testing kit. The kit can be returned back to us via a first class postage paid envelope. Your home collection sample package will contain:-

· Blood collection sample bottle

· Instructions on how to take a sample

· Request form

· Postage-paid return envelope

We recommend testing at least 14 days after symptoms first appear to ensure accuracy. Results are received within 24-48 hours and can be emailed to all patients. The anonymised results will be shared with health bodies and Public Health England to collate COVID-19 data on behalf of government statistics.


£90 per test

How long do results take to come back?

The laboratory can process the results within 24 hours on receipt of the sample. We can email you the confirmation of your results.

How do I order a test?

If you would like to purchase a COVID-19 antibody test kit, please contact the clinic:-

T: 0113 2213533

T: 0113  8730242


Corporate Enquiries

We welcome all enquiries from businesses requiring COVID-19 antibody testing for employees returning back to work. We are able to offer discounted rates to support businesses and welfare of staff.